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First Blog - Selling Art, New Experiences

Hiya, Welcome, I hope you're keeping well. 

Here goes my First Blog post!  Hopefully not my last  :-)

I'm happy to show you some of my processes, the methods used to create my artworks.  From the stay-wet palette to the layering of paint, my techniques used which were inspired by my online courses with Louise Fletcher, Michelle Lewis and Nicolas Wilton.  Always a thirst to learn and develop my art, find what I truly love.


This may mean I have to get used to being in front of the camera - Oh I know already I'm going to hate this part.  I'll keep them to a mininum to begin with and maybe stay that way.  LOL!  I have more outtakes and bluppers on my phone than content at this stage.  Anyway, its all part of the learning and development of being a full-time artist.  Making my dream come true.

St Stephen's Green

Now that I have time, I am trying to do things I never tried before - like selling at the railings at St Stephen's Green, Dublin.  I remember being in Dublin a few years ago now and admiring artists selling their paintings along the full side of the railings.  In August 2022, I myself set up my paintings and artworks for sale along my given stretch of the railings - a new challenge! 

Challenges there certainly were - like getting the art there in one piece, how to display and hang them onto the actual railings never having done it before, what to do if it rains to protect my art, 4G connnection issues under the tall trees - but it was amazing. I met some wonderful fellow artists, some newbies like me and had some lovely conversations over the 3 days - lots of advise, laughs and tips swapped making it a memorable and enjoyable few days.

All set now to do it again in November 2022 especially for the Christmas market.


If you are interested in creating your own special unique masterpiece for a family member, friend or maybe to brighten up your home or office - I am now available to take a limited number of commissions in the coming weeks until end of September 2022.  Please get in touch via the 'Contact' page and let's discuss the details of what you have in mind.  

Thanks for sticking with me and reading this far.

All the best, Leonora