Leonora Reilly is an Irish landscape painter and contemporary artist who is also a keen plein air artist.  She has always had a love of art, constantly learning new techniques and perfecting them to help her create colourful Irish landscape scenes - now enjoying both representational and looser almost abstract paintings. 

Currently using acrylics as her main medium, Leonora is happy to explore her local area, painting plein air or in her home studio. Leonora Reilly is from Co Derry, Northern Ireland now living in Co Louth.  There's no doubt living so close to the coast, has influenced her favour for coastal blues and rich teals creating moody atmospheric brushworks or autumnal warm earthy colours developing shadowy scenes full of texture and depth using her favourite knife and then her seaside florals - all transporting the viewer into the world on canvas.   

Leonora has partaken as a Wild Card in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year shows, she was a Wild Cards in 2019 in Plymouth - the amazing experience couldn't be dampened by a wet stormy morning. 

Since Summer 2020, she began her love of painting outdoors attending the week long Dublin Plein Air Festival.  In August 2021, she organise her first major art event - the Louth Plein Air Art Festival - a one day plein air art event in Beaulieu Gardens, Drogheda where over 40 artists travelled to participate from local area and as far away as Roscommon and West Cork. In July 2022, it became a 2-day event in different locations in Co Louth.  The Louth Plein Air Art Festival has become a huge success and will no doubt be a regular event for all artists near and far.   

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