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Leonora painted a one off piece for me.  It is a lovely reminder of our first family holiday in Fuerteventura. The beach was amazing there and my husband snapped the shot of us jumping in the waves.  The painting brings back those lovely memories.  She has captured the spirit of us as a young family perfectly and I will treasure it.




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I met Leonora a few years ago through my son and found her to be a very genuine caring person but never knew about her gift or love of Art.

My dad passed away during the Covid lockdown and like many we had the sad 10 people funeral.
Days later Leonora surprised me with a painting of my dad she did from a foto. I was shocked at how real it was and how without ever meeting my dad she captured his personality and his features to perfection. The painting warms my heart everytime I look at it.
The family now all have copies hanging in their homes too
Thank you Leonora and I want to wish the luck you deserve as an artist.
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Julz and Paula
Leonora did a beautiful painting of me and my horse Julz as a birthday gift from my husband. I was amazed at how much she capture the love and trust Julz has for me and me for her in a painting. I will treasure this gift for ever.