Scene of wilderness in rural Ireland with lonesome cottage on hill alongside the sea below.  Bright blue sky with sun reflecting on water.  Overgrown grasses.

Days End

Leonora Reilly Art
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An Original Unique Art Gift - present for a loved one.

Inspired by a photo from Fiona Evans of the coastline in Scotland - though I think this could be anywhere.  How many houses are we sitting in looking out the window off these past few months?  Longing for days to end, winter evenings to pass, summer to come, visiting relatives to call, for loved ones living away to get home.  Every family affected.

This image looked more like a derelict house, but I wanted it to look lived in with the sun falling on the front door, making it enticing.  The ground around it unloved with long grasses, the pathway leading past the front door inviting us in.

Acrylic on Stretched canvas, half inch deep

8 x 8 inches   20cm x 20cm  unframed     

Painting is sold framed in an 8cm wide winter white frame - total size framed is 32cm square.   Photo shows the painting framed.

Available to purchase at The Crafty Rock, Blackrock, Co Louth